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  1. Requirements to submitted sites
  2. Getting started
  3. Where can I find Instructions page for my sites?
  4. Set It and Forget It... or Not?
  5. How do I configure Exchange Relation with other partners?
  6. I do not see my site link at other member sites

  1. Requirements to submitted sites (back)


    All sites submitted to RCxLink must be classified or online store sites. Although service was developed mainly to support sites running Rapid Classified, we can accept established online classified or e-commerce store.

    Plug-ins for submitted sites

    In order to participate in RCxLink service your site must support one of the server-side scripting languages: ASP or PHP.

    Every submitted site must have an RCxLink plug-in installed. Plug-in should be downloaded from the Instructions page. Link to "Instruct" page is available after site is submitted to RCxLink exchange service from site properties.

    Plug-in contains 2 files, which should be uploaded to your site. All you need to do after that, is to create an HTML link at site main page to one of the downloaded pages. 

    Partners page

    Every submitted site must display a partners page. Partners page is one of the files from the supplied plug-in. This page must be located at the root of the site you have submitted to RCxLink service. For further details see Instructions page from the site properties.

    Important: To be fair to every other member of the exchange, the HTML link to "partners page" should be displayed at the MAIN site page and be VISIBLE. Sites, which do not have "partners page" link placed at the main/default site page, would be suspended even though the respective member link is updated regularly.

  2. Getting Started (back)

    Create an account by clicking Sign Up and submit up to 3 classified site you're running. Make sure to indicate if you're running Rapid Classified software. This is important for your site configuration instructions. Once site is submitted, you will be redirected to Instructions page with step-by-step guidance for your site pre-staging. Please carefully follow provided instructions.

    This is only a one time site configuration after which you will automatically receive exchanged links and control your exchange preferences at this site when you log on to your account.

    All submitted sites receive a Pending status. Once you follow instructions and configure your site, it will be reviewed and approved at which time your site will receive an Active status and begin an active link exchange with other members of RCxLink service.

  3. Where can I find Instructions page for my sites? (back)

    You will be redirected to this page after site submission. If you navigated off Instructions page and would like to get back to it, then while logged on to your account click "My Links" on the right, and then "Instruct" next to the respective site.

    Please Note: Every submitted site would have a unique instructions page and a unique plug-in download. If you have submitted more than one site, then use respective "Instruct" link at "My Links" page to get the correct guidance. And download a plug-in for Every site you have submitted from the respective instruction page..

  4. Set It and Forget It... or Not? (back)

    While submitting a site, you should decide whether you would like to automatically exchange links with other participants (existed or newly signed).

    If you set "Set It and Forget It" to Yes, then your site status would be "Auto" and partners web page at your site would automatically receive and display links from members who also set it to "Yes" and from other members who manually choose to exchange links with you.

    If you set "Set It and Forget It" to No, then you will not automatically exchange link with anyone. Your site status would be Manual and you must select partners at your exchange page (see next chapter).

    Which mode to select is up to you. If you are really picky when it comes to link exchange, then set it to "No". If you open to any link exchange, then set it to "Yes".
    RCxLink accepted only classified sites, so from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) point it is save to enable "Auto" exchange because all sites would have a similar content (which is important criteria to SEO).

  5. How do I configure Exchange Relation with other partners? (back)

    Abbreviation used in this chapter:

    SP - Sender party. Party which initiates Link Exchange.
    RP - Receiver party. Party which receives a Link Exchange request.

    Click "Partners" at "My Links" page next to the respective site.

    You set "Set It and Forget It" to "No" for your site.

    You would see all current members at this page. You may review other member sites and decide if you'd like to exchange links with them. Click "Request" to establish exchange and send a notification to a member. There is no need to do anything else. Link Exchange with selected member is initiated. You are an SP in this case, your partner an RP.  The relation would be indicated as: . If you open "Partners" page and see the following symbol next to some member sites , that means your partner initiated link exchange request with your site. You are an RP in this case and your partner an SP. Again, there is no need to do anything else, the partnership is established.

    It might come to the moment when you or your partner decide to deny the exchange request or retract it. In which case you can click "Deny" to deny SP request (relation would indicate ) or click "Retract" to stop the exchange with RP (relation would indicate ) to whom you previously sent a request. The same might happen if other party deny your request or retract original offer. You can immediately see who initiated exchange break (you or the other member). If you see "Reinstate" link then it were you. If there is nothing listed in an action column other than relation description (denied or retracted), then it was other party.

    Once relation is established allow up to 24 hours for the actual exchange to take place (that is when your site link is displayed at the other member site and other member site link displayed at your site).

    The summary of all the above is:

    1. You can initiate exchange with any other member.
    2. Any member can initiate exchange with you.
    3. There is no need to contact other members.
    4. You or other member can break relation at any time.
    5. You can reinstate relation only is you initiated the break.
    6. Other members can reinstate relation with you if they initiated the break.
    7. No particular member can force you to exchange link if you do not wish to do so.

    Pros: You completely control who you exchange links with.
    Cons: Requires some effort to maintain relations with other sites specifically when new members are signing up.

    You set "Set It and Forget It" to "Yes" for your site.

    The name says it all. You automatically exchange links with members who also set it to "Yes". In addition you automatically exchange links with members who set it to "No" and who initiated relation with your site at their members link exchange page. Finally you can send/deny an exchange request to member who set it to "No" (see You set "Set It and Forget It" to "No" for your site section for the relation establishment guidance).

    This is the most effective way to exchange links and does not require any effort to establish relations with other members.

    Pros: No need to do anything. Exchange occurs automatically in most of the cases.
    Cons: Almost no control over who you exchange links with. This "con" can be essentially disregarded because only quality classified sites are accepted by RCxLink service.

  6. I do not see my site link at other member sites (back)

    Make sure your site is approved and has "Active" status.
    2. Make sure you followed instructions at the instruct page for your site
    3. If "Set It and Forget It" is set to "No" for your site, then make sure you have established relations with other sites.
    4. Finally, if your site was just approved or you recently changed relation with other sites, please allow up to 24 hours for the actual link exchange to occur.

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