Automated Rapid Classified Link Exchange

(RSS based Classified Web Sites Link Exchange)

Why Exchange Links?

Link Exchange is the easiest way to improve your website's link popularity, and by doing so, to achieve better search engine positioning and increase your website's traffic. Generally building link popularity through reciprocal link exchange means to find partner sites whose webmasters are willing to add a link pointing to your website, in exchange to a link pointing to their website from yours. While finding partners an extra attention should be paid to partnerís site content and relevancy to your own site.

It might become hectic to find a right partner, then edit links page each time you find a new partner and then track and remove partner sites which are going out of business.

How come RCxLink is different from the rest of the Link Exchange programs?

RCxLink Exchange program is the unique, free Link Exchange offered to Rapid Classified sites owners +*. While submitting your site to other link exchange databases, you are still required contacting site owners to arrange link exchange and manually create links.

The RCxLink on the other hand is fully automated system. You are only required submitting your site to our database once and installing a plug-in at your site. Once done, enjoy watching your link propagated to other member sites**. When members join the program after you, their link is automatically displayed at your siteís partners page and your link is pushed to their sites respectively. You may however switch your link to selective exchange mode where you manually select other sites you'd like to trade a link with.

* Classified sites running software other than Rapid Classified may also participate in this program. All submitted sites must support one of the following server-side scripting languages: ASP or PHP.

** We only accept established classified sites with quality content to be listed in our database. To ensure that every member is satisfied with trading partners we  offer a selective mode where you trade links with selected members only.

How does RCxLink work?

All member site links are stored in our repository database and a special RCxLink RSS feed containing those links is created and available for the remote sites to pull.

Participating sites would require to install a small plug-in uniquely generated to every submitted site. Every 24 hours the plug-in would update locally stored .xml file with information about participating member sites which is used to display links exchange information. After new members join RCxLink  exchange,   their links are automatically propagated to all other member sites within next 24 hours.

For the details about initial configuration, requirements and useful tips see Help page.

How much does participation in RCxLink exchange cost?
Membership is free. RCxLink Free Link Exchange only requires to retain an RSS feed title and logo, which is a link to this site. There might be 3-rd party advertisement included into the partners exchange page in the future.


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